WTF? Red Stock Self-Inking Rubber Stamp - ExcelMark Model 9011

only $8.99

Liquid Ass

$12.95 $8.24

The YES! Button-Electronic Voice Toy-12 Different Yes's

only $10.99

That's Bullshit Button (Lights Up, and Plays Funny Phrases!)

$11.99 $9.99

T.J. Wiseman Remote Controlled Fart Machine No. 2

$34.27 $13.99

Talking Pen - Hysterical Laugh

only $3.62

Funny Office Supplies - For a Good Laugh!

Working in an office can be a little 'dull' on the best of days… Working in an office environment for many years I know this very well. The one sure fire remedy is nothing more than some old fashioned humor.

A good laugh goes a long way to help any situation and this is no different. I wanted to create this little online shop to offer a small collection of gifts and gags that will make you and your colleagues laugh out loud!

Flick through and find something to brighten your day.